WEEE Directive

Reclaiming the valuable resources in your waste electronics

Introduced into UK law in 2006, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) was specifically designed to address the fact that millions of tonnes of reclaimable electronics and electrical equipment were simply being dumped into landfill each year. Electronic equipment often contains harmful heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead, which can cause serious damage to the environment when placed into landfill or incinerated. Hence, the WEEE Directive was put in place to set out responsibilities for manufacturers to ensure that at least 85% of the materials used in their products are recycled by appropriately vetted and certified waste management firms.

In addition to reducing the volume of equipment placed into landfill each year, the WEEE Directive also has a more prosaic reason for tackling this highly wasteful practice: the fact that we were quite literally burying a huge amount of wealth & resources in the ground.

All electrical equipment, from the most mundane and every day, such as toaster or fridges, up to and including computers, servers and printers, are filled with valuable electronics. All have electronics and materials inside them which are not only expensive but in many cases, rare. Anyone who has even a little knowledge of the world commodities markets understands that even “common” metals, such as the copper contained in wiring, are fetching a premium price.

Working with the WEEE Directive

As a business, playing your part in ensuring that waste electronic and electrical equipment is properly dealt with is easy; you can appoint a certified recycling firm to take care of the paperwork and recycling process for you. Be aware however, cutting corners with costs at this stage may end up costing your business far more than you could imagine.

We are fully certificated and compliant with all UK and EU legislation, you can feel confident that your obsolete electronic and electrical equipment is in good hands. Utilising the latest techniques we will ensure that the valuable natural resources contained within are being recycled and reused to their maximum benefit.