It was recently discovered that in the period of 2013-2018, UK packaging waste sent to landfill increased by 446,000 tonnes, a colossal 15% increase. This shocking statistic really does beg the question, “How many companies actually give genuine thought to the waste created by their packaging?”

Here at DC, we can proudly say that we do. All of our packaging comes from boxes that local businesses donate to us. The boxes would inevitably be heading for landfill and for us to step in and increase the lifespan of these boxes is something that we are extremely proud of. 

As a company that truly believes that we can make the world a more sustainable place, we feel that it is imperative that we not only ensure that our recycling and reselling process contributes to this statement coming true, our packaging and general mind-set has to follow this ethos also.

 As well as ourselves, we also urge our customers to carry out our recycling revolution. Customers can do so by:

  • Reusing all of our packaging, rather than throwing it away
  • Donating boxes/packaging to small businesses 
  • Using your local recycling centre in order to reduce your contribution to landfill
  • Get crafty and creative! It’s easy to turn your unwanted packaging into a brand new rocket ship/fort for the kids.

We cannot stress the importance of recycling packaging enough. The damage that landfill is causing to our planet is becoming increasingly visible and alarming, it’s about time business and consumer alike did something to combat this.