Environmental Act

Keeping your business in the green when it comes to old equipment

The responsible and safe disposal of all manner of waste products, rubbish and potentially hazardous materials is governed in the UK by The Environment Act. Since 1995 this wide-ranging and comprehensive set of legislation has set out the legal responsibilities and processes by which all individuals, companies and organisations in the UK must abide by when disposing of rubbish.

In the past virtually anything could be dumped in landfill sites with little or no consideration for problems or potential hazards this might represent for the future. Thankfully, we now understand the environmental issues landfill sites create and can now work towards better solutions for dealing with discarded waste.

Of course, as individuals we’re now all very familiar with separating out our domestic rubbish into simple waste and items such as glass, paper, metals and plastics for recycling. In this way we’ve all become more responsible for adopting a role in an increasingly environmentally friendly society.

However, this can’t always be said to be the case when it comes to getting rid of obsolete electrical equipment. Herein lies the trap that catches many an unwary business out – resulting in a potentially sizeable fine and some very unwelcome negative PR.