Data Protection Act

Your responsibility for ensuring the safe disposal of IT equipment

Whilst the vast majority of businesses understand and comply with the requirements of the 1998 Data Protection Act to safeguard their client’s personal information, many are less aware of their responsibilities with regard to the secure disposal of that data.

Today, businesses rely on a huge range of IT platforms – even the smallest sole trader is likely to possess a single laptop whilst larger firms possess much bigger IT operations from networked desktops, servers and printers to individual tablets or smartphones. In such circumstances it is all too easy for an obsolete or broken piece of equipment to be simply set aside without ensuring that any and all data it still has locked in its memory has been deleted or rendered unreadable.

Simply putting that old laptop out for the council to collect or, worse yet, for anyone with a passing interest to pick up is a dangerous practice and one that could land you or your company with a hefty fine of up to £500,000 and the possibility of a lot of bad publicity…

Protecting yourself and your business

The 1998 Data Protection Act gives specific instruction that any personal data held by a company must be protected against unlawful and/or unauthorised access. This legal requirement extends not only to data on “live” systems but also any that might be held in any old IT equipment or electronic storage medium which is to be disposed of.

The theft and sale of such data is a highly lucrative and fast growing sector of the ‘black market’ – with organised criminal gangs using increasingly sophisticated methods and expert knowledge to help them steal valuable information. One of the areas on which they prey is accessing data from IT equipment that has become damaged or been disposed. Don’t assume because a laptop or PC is broken that the data inside is irrecoverable to someone in the know. The only safe option is to have the hard drive professionally removed and either wiped or securely destroyed.

We offer collections from all over the UK and our thorugh processes guarantee to securely erase any and all data held on your old IT equipment to above industry standards. We also offer onsite hard drive destruction for highly sensitive data which you wish to witness being destroyed on your own premises.