The 2010s were a great decade for the Tech Revolution. Touchscreen phones with five cameras became the new normal, Virtual Reality is affordable and our cars can drive themselves! The downside to this is that in our desparation to keep up with the latest in technology we’ve been hoarding more and more. It’s very common to find a “mobile and tablet drawer” in our households, our businesses have storage rooms with a treasure trove of old computers dating back to the days of Windows 95, and landfills have even older computers. But we’re running out of room, and there’s got to be a better way to get rid of our old tech-related junk, right?

The answer to that is: yes! For the average consumer there are a variety of recycling services that will pay you to send them your old phone or tablet, you can also buy refurbished phones from them and now they will even fix your device for a reasonable price (it’ll be cheaper than getting it fixed by the manufacturer too). For bigger items, such as TVs and washing machines, the seller of your new device will most likely offer a pick-up service when they’re making a delivery.

But what if you’re a business? If you dispose of more than 500kg of hazardous waste per annum you have a legal obligation to ensure all of your redundant electronic equipment is disposed of in line with the WEEE Directive. This is so the materials can be repurposed and to ensure that there is no damage to the environment from harmful metals (cadmium, mercury and lead) if they were in landfill or incinterated. On top of this, with the implementation of the Data Protection Act 2018 and EU GDPR, we have to be even more vigilant when it comes to wiping our devices to keep in line with data protection. Due to the process of properly disposing of the majority of your unused technology being so time-consuming, costly and inconvenient, it gets left in storage and forgotten about.

This is where DC Reclamation comes in. We will collect all of your old tech, wipe it to British HMG IS5 Enhanced Standard and either recycle it, or sell it on as refurbished. You get a cut of the profits and you’re contributing to making the environment a more sustainable place.